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Introducing Myself
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Introducing Myself  

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24/04/2020 4:39 pm  

Blessings Kings and Queens.

My name is December L Parks, I’m from Oakland, CA but currently living in the South Bay Area. I’m a mother of 2 Kings ages 22 and 17 and one Queen age 13. A friend of mines introduced to the G2G family in January 2020.  I am so very blessed and appreciative to fellowship and study God’s word with a group of God Fearing, loving, kind, gentle, and genuine believers in Christ. I have struggled through the years with my faith and often found myself back and forth in the world. I’ve had my ups and my downs my trials and tribulations and through it all there was always  that missing void in my life; I knew that void was God and his word so I made the decision in 2019 to put my life on track. I started attending church again, read my bible and allowing God to guide me.  I know that God has plans and a calling on my life and I am beyond GRATEFUL to grow in his word with such a loving family such G2G. I know that I’m not where I want to be in my walk but I do know that by allowing Jesus to take the lead I will get to that point. I ask that you all keep me and my family in prayer as I do the same for each of you.

Thank you all for pouring your blessings and love through God’s word.  I truly look forward to the day we come together to do the work of the Lord. #onebandonesound

P.S It took me awhile to figure out this registration but I’m glad it finally happened.

 Peace & Blessings 


December L Parks 💚💚


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